Unbelievable Things To Do In Monteverde Costa Rica

October 12th 2023 in Explore
Unbelievable Things To Do In Monteverde Costa Rica

Unbelievable Things To Do In Monteverde Costa Rica

bridge through Monteverde Cloud Forest

One of the most unique places in the country, Monteverde is an absolute must on your Costa Rica itinerary. Rolling green hills filled with colourful and rare nature surround you, with many ways for you to explore the magical secrets hidden within.

Monteverde Bat Jungle Museum and Monteverde Cloud Forest are particularly loved attractions, and for good reason. But let’s see what else is on offer in this fairytale location.

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Monteverde Is A Spectacle Of Nature

With its name translated as ‘green hills’, it’s no surprise that that's exactly what you get in this beautiful region of Costa Rica.

Monteverde at sunset

This truly is a nature lover's paradise, especially if you’re ready to take on some thrills and see phenomena you may never witness again. Plus, rare wildlife of varying sizes can be spotted around every corner, bringing pops of colour to this green landscape.

However, there are plenty of opportunities to take in the Costa Rican culture here as well. There are several museums here, all revealing something different about the history of Monteverde and the breadth of nature within its borders.

And, of course, there are delicious restaurants and eateries serving the very best of Costa Rican cuisine. Whether you want a quick snack or a sit-down meal after a long day of hiking, Monteverde, Costa Rica has it all on offer.

Outstanding Sights In Monteverde

Having teased you enough about the marvels on offer, let's dive into all the things to do in Monteverde.

Visit Monteverde Cloud Forest

Bridge through Monteverde

Perhaps the biggest attraction to this area is the Monteverde Cloud Forest. A natural phenomenon and one of the rarest biomes in the world, dense cloud fills the rainforests and is truly a wonder to behold. Located within the Tilaran Mountain range in Northern Costa Rica, the rainforest is 1500 metres above sea level, meaning it is immersed in thick clouds for long periods of time. This exposure has shaped the wildlife here, creating a unique environment that thousands visit each year.

Covering 26,000 acres of land, the area is home to 8 biozones, with thousands of wildlife within. With some fan-favourites, such as jaguars and pumas and vibrant birds, and even captivating creepy crawlies. 50 per cent of Costa Rica’s biodiversity can be found here, proving they’ll be something for all to see.

Thrill-Seeking Ways Of Exploring Monteverde

Of course, many people decide to hike through the green hills to see all the nature on offer. We definitely recommend getting a guide as there are over 13km of trails and they’ll give you the best chance of seeing the rare sights.

person stood in cloud forest monteverde

For a truly unique experience, you can book a tour of the Monteverde forests at night, when even more of the forest comes alive. Hiking through the landscape at this time means you’ll see owls, armadillos and spiders (if you’re not afraid!). This is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and an adventure ensured to create lifelong memories.

If that’s not thrilling enough for you, then you can also take a sky tram, a skywalk or even zip line over the lush canopies below. This will give you a whole new perspective of the landscape below, whilst giving you a rush of adrenaline. These tours are popular, so you’ll want to book fast if you want this stunning view of Monteverde National Park!

Monteverde Bat Jungle Museum And Butterfly Park

bat in rainforest

Haven’t had enough nature? Don’t worry, there are plenty more things to do in Monteverde, Costa Rica, concerning wildlife. Two of which are the Monteverde Bat Jungle Museum and the Butterfly Park.

The Bat Jungle Museum is home to 90 bats belonging to 8 species and plenty of exhibits to spend a few hours if you’re a fan of the fascinating creatures.

Perhaps more intriguing than people-watching, watch how they go about their lives, including playing with one another and socialising in other ways. One of the main attractions of the museum is the ultra-sonic microphone, which gives you a taste of how bats navigate their environment using echolocation.

Upstairs is the delicious Cabure, a restaurant offering Costa Rican cuisine and world-class coffee as well as a chocolatería where you can try some authentic homemade chocolate!

For my flying creatures, you can also visit the Butterfly Park. Smaller than other attractions, it is still a vibrant wonder. Home to dozens of species, one may even land one you, a sign of good luck!

There are so many things to do in Monteverde, Costa Rica, that it’s unlikely you’d be able to fit it all in one day! A place of such natural beauty, which of the above will you visit first?

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