The Ultimate Family Guide To San Jose, Costa Rica

October 11th 2023 in Explore
The Ultimate Family Guide To San Jose, Costa Rica

The Ultimate Family Guide To San Jose, Costa Rica

San Jose Costa rica

San José is the capital of the vibrant Costa Rica and offers plenty of things to do for the whole family. From history to art, culture to natural phenomena, there’s something to keep everyone entertained. With some popular activities a little out of the city, car hire in Costa Rica is recommended. Luckily, we offer San Jose Costa Rica rentals to make your trip even easier.

One of the most metropolitan cities in South America, let's take a look at all the wonders on offer, including the famous La Paz Waterfall.

Is San José in Costa Rica Worth Visiting?

Yes, the capital is well worth visiting and adding to your 5-day Costa Rica itinerary. It’s the perfect location if you’re travelling with your family, doing some solo travel or as a couple.

San José is a city of great historical significance, so it is the perfect destination if you’re a history buff. With intriguing architecture and plenty of museums, there is plenty to learn.

Another great attraction is the superb nature surrounding San José. Found in the Central Valley, it won’t take long to discover lush green areas, cloud forests, nature reserves and even volcanoes.

Plus, there is a vibrant nightlife with plenty of restaurants serving authentic cuisine, bars for delicious cocktails and even clubs where you can dance with the locals.

If you're still asking 'is San José in Cosa Rica worth visiting', then hopefully you now know it definitely is!

Things To Do In San José, Costa Rica

Wide shot of San Jose Costa Rica

With so much on offer, let's dive into all the activities on offer in this beautiful city.

The Plaza de la Cultura

One of the most integral parts of the city is the Plaza de la Cultura. In fact, San José grew around the Plaza and is now always busy with shoppers, and commuters and is the location of many of the museums in the city.

National Theater San Jose

For even more arts exposure, the plaza is only a short distance from the National Theater if you fancy seeing a show in the evening.

This spot is fantastic for a spot of people-watching with some of Costa Rica’s world-famous coffee.Plus, there is some really intriguing architecture to take in to really embrace the amazing buildings around you.

Pre-Columbian Gold Museum

One of the most popular museums in the city is the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum. Located underneath the plaza, it has over 1500 hundred pieces of art, some dating back to well over 1000 years ago.

Towards the end of the museum, you will also get the chance to see some historic Costa Rican money and learn all about its significance.

The National Museum

Another attraction on your list of things to do in San José is the National Museum. Found inside the Bellavista Fortress, you can spend hours discovering Costa Rica’s intriguing history, including its colonial past, the religious aspects of the country and even the more modern aspects of the country.

Rooftops in San Jose

The museum naturally leads you to the top of the building, and here you will get a phenomenal view of the city below you. Take in the sights and sounds with a new outlook having learnt all about Costa Rica’s fascinating past.

Avenida Central

After spending some hours learning all about San Jose in Costa Rica, it’s time for a bit of shopping. The best place for this is Avenida Central which then leads to the Central Market. Here, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to pick some authentic souvenirs as well as take in the amazing Costa Rican culture.

Vendors and street performers will keep you entertained, and it’s also a great chance to speak to some locals! The people are known to be friendly, so you’ll definitely get an interesting conversation if you ask!

La Paz Waterfall Gardens

A great reason for utilising car rentals in San Jose is so you can go further afield to see the beautiful La Paz Waterfall Gardens. Less than two hours from the city, there are five waterfalls to behold.

LaPaz Waterfall Costa Rica

Even more, you can hike through the rainforests, visit the butterfly observatory or even do some bird-watching. The La Paz Waterfall Gardens are the perfect chance to see all the nature and wildlife San José and Costa Rica has on offer.

The Costa Rican Volcanoes

Also within two hours of San José, and another reason for using the car hire facilities in Costa Rica, are the stunning volcanoes.

There are many to choose from, including the Poas, Irazu and Turrailba volcanoes. Not only are these beautiful sights, but are stunning hikes if you’ve packed your walking boots. Most of the hikes aren’t too difficult, so could be done by the whole family to make some great memories.

There are plenty of things to do in San Jose, Costa Rica, no matter what you’re looking for in your holiday. Make your holiday even easier by hiring a car through Finalrentals.