Explore: Río Celeste

July 10th 2023 in Explore
Explore: Río Celeste

Río Celeste Waterfall

The Rio Celeste, nestled in the Costa Rican wilderness, is a magnificent tropical gem whose characteristic blue tint has made it a favourite nature destination.

The long river twists and bends through the woodlands of Tenorio Volcano National Park, maintaining its beautiful cerulean colour. The river's colour is caused by a mixture of sulphur and calcium carbonate deposited in the water by a nearby volcano. There are several hot springs and an amazing waterfall along the river, all of which are an unnatural blue. Pictures of the waters are frequently accused of being photoshopped or made up, but the simple chemistry in the river's depths is genuine, as thousands of hikers discover each year.

Rio Celeste is part of Tenorio Volcano National Park. Liberia International Airport is the nearest. Many nearby guesthouses and hotels offer walking routes that lead right to Rio Celeste (usually 1-2 km). Due to adverse weather, some of the guesthouse/hotel trails may be blocked, although the park's main gate is usually open. Non-resident admission is $12. A 4x4 vehicle is highly recommended for getting to the park entrance and seeing Costa Rica. Locals will try to persuade you to rent galoshes at the entry, but sensible shoes will suffice.