Parque Francisco Alvarado

February 9th 2024 in Explore
Parque Francisco Alvarado

If you're ever in Zarcero, Costa Rica, visit the Parque Francisco Alvarado. This enchanting park is a treasure trove of topiary figures and shapes, each more fascinating than the last. The park has been a beloved attraction for over half a century since a visionary artist took over its curation in the 1960s. The artist's creativity and dedication are evident in the intricate designs that adorn the park, sure to delight visitors of all ages. Whether you're a nature lover, an art enthusiast, or simply looking for a unique adventure, the Parque Francisco Alvarado is a must-see destination.

The public park in front of the magnificent church is now a delightful sight for visitors, thanks to the work of Evangelista Blanco, a talented gardener and artist who took over its care in the 1960s. Blanco worked his magic on the shrubs and hedges, transforming them into abstract figures and forms. Among the creations are human figures characterized by their squat and jolly appearance, some standing alone while others are grouped in clusters. There are also animals, dinosaurs, and faces etched onto some of the bushes, each with a unique design and expression.

One of the most magnificent and awe-inspiring features of the park is an intricately sculpted bush that is shaped into the likeness of Jesus Christ. This breathtaking work of art pays a respectful tribute to the nearby church. Another remarkable feature of the park is the meticulously arranged rows of green arches that create the illusion of organic tunnels. Walking through these enchanting tunnels is a truly magical experience that allows visitors to enjoy the cool shade while absorbing the park's stunning beauty in all its glory.

Blanco's creations have transformed the park into a fascinating display of art and nature. The park's peaceful atmosphere and the beauty of its greenery make it an ideal place for visitors to relax and unwind.

Blanco, who was instrumental in creating the Parque Francisco Alvarado, continues to work tirelessly to curate and shape the park. His dedication to maintaining the park's beauty is apparent in every detail, from ensuring that none of the leafy visages grow out of the bushes to keeping the tunnels crisp and well-maintained. Despite the nearby church's awe-inspiring architecture, the Parque Francisco Alvarado truly captures the heart. Thanks to Blanco's efforts, the park remains a place of simple inspiration and natural beauty that all visitors can enjoy.