Must Do Activities For Your Puerto Viejo Itinerary

October 12th 2023 in Explore
Must Do Activities For Your Puerto Viejo Itinerary

Must Do Activities For Your Puerto Viejo Itinerary

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Located on the South East coast of Costa Rica, Puerto Viejo de Lamanca, or just Puerto Viejo, is a Caribbean-stle destination. With luxurious beaches, lush scenery and a relaxed atmosphere, the Puerto Viejo nightlife will keep your evenings entertained too!

Let’s explore this beautiful location so you can make your Puerto Viejo itinerary.

Puerto Viejo’s Intriguing History

Lying on the Caribbean Sea, much of Puerto Viejo’s history is connected to Afro-Jamaica origins. The small town started off inhabited by fishermen and hunters, before growing through cocoa crops and later on, banana plantations.

The wealth this brought into the town meant Puerto Viejo de Lamananca could become properly connected with the rest of Costa Rica, joining the Caribbean nation to the natives of the country.

Since Puerto Viejo has seen rapid tourism growth in the last decade, many more nationalities now live in the area. In fact, there are now at least 40 nationalities living here.

However, the area has remained completely unique to the rest of Costa Rica and untouched by big tourism franchising, making it essential for your Costa Rica itinerary.

Things To Do In Puerto Viejo de Lamananca

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This is the perfect Costa Ricab destination for you if you’re looking to kick back, relax and take in the beauty and culture of the area. Whilst the Puerto Viejo nightlife will keep you busy in the evenings, the days are all about lounging on the pristine beaches.

That being said, there is plenty of wildlife to observe at your own, leisurely pace.

Discover the Caribbean Town By Bicycle

If you have an itching for a bit of exercise whilst also taking in the culture and atmosphere of the town, then why not explore it by bicycle?

bicycle on beach in puerto viejo

Pedal or electric, take a ride on the white sands, through the vibrant streets and see what you can find! Many of the native animals can easily be seen in the palm trees dotted around the island, and the roads are very bike friendly too!

Many places allow you to rent a bike as it’s something frequented by the locals too. Hire one and wind your way through Puerto Viejo, taking in the sights and delicious smells of the eateries that line the streets.

Cahuita National Park

Only a short distance from Puerto Viejo de Lamananca, but a trip made easier through car hire in Costa Rica, is the Cahuita National Park.

Something to be enjoyed by the whole family, the park contains easy walking trails along the beaches and the park itself. On your walk, it’s likely you’ll see local animals such as sloths, toucans and even monkeys swinging through the trees.

path through cahuita national park

The park itself is beautiful. Contained within are the lush rainforests, the dreamy beaches and even vibrant coral reefs full of aquatic life.

Though the trail itself isn’t difficult, it is 8km along if you complete it, so make sure to pack walking boots and plenty of water!

You can easily spend a day in Cahuita National Park, walking around at your own pace while dipping in the beautiful waters to cool off.

Jaguar Rescue Centres

This centre is a home for orphaned, ill or injured animals of Costa Rica for however long they need.

The name came about when the owners, who are both vets, were brought a ‘jaguar, that was actually an ocelot. Unfortunately, that does mean there aren’t any jaguars in the centre, but there are plenty of other animals to see.

margay cat

There are educational tours around the centre every morning where you can learn all about the animals, their health journey and more. In the afternoons, many of the animals are allowed to roam around the ground, something that has helped the centre earn its fantastic global reputation.

Look out for sloths, monkeys, birds and even a margay cat on your trip!

Enjoy The Beautiful Beaches Of Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

It’s finally time to look at the stunning sands on offer in Puerto Viejo, of which there are many. Take some time on your Costa Rican trip to relax under the tropical sun and take in the beautiful landscape around you.

beach in puerto viejo

Playa Negra

Playa Negra Beach is only a short walk from Puerto Viejo’s town centre, so its an ideal location if you don’t want to travel far. Translated as ‘black beach’, this location is known for its dark sands and tranquil environment.

Punta Uva

Six miles from Puerto Viejo town, so another reason for getting a car hire in Costa Rica is Punta Uva. One of the most beautiful beaches in the area, the water is so clear here that you can see the fish and corals beneath the surface.

Playa Grande

A little further afield is Playa Grande, perhaps the most secluded beach in Puerto Viejo. This is the best beach if you’re looking for a hidden gem to enjoy in isolation. With warm waters lapping onto the white sands and palm trees overhead, you really can’t ask for more.

Enjoy The Puerto Viejo Nightlife

Though this is a destination all about relaxation and nature, that doesn't mean there isn't fun to be had in the evenings! With an abundance of restaurants, bars and places to dance with the locals, the Puerto Viejo nightlife should definitely be enjoyed. Turn your day trip into an overnight stay to make the most of the change of atmosphere.

Though it’s a more relaxed part of Costa Rica, the things to do in Puerto Viejo and the history of the area make it a must-visit. Book your trip to Costa Rica to visit this unique location with Finalrentals today.